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Published on Wednesday, December 04, 2019 by Céline Guilleux


The study day is co-organized by SPHère (UMR 7219) and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin). We will discuss the impact and diffusion in Europe and China of the important edition of the Elements of Euclid published by the Jesuit Christoph Clavius in 1574.



  • 9:30: Welcome
  • 9:45–11:00: Eberhard Knobloch (Berlin–Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Berlin): On Clavius’s contributions to the mathematical sciences
  • 11:00 – 11:15 Break
  • 11:15–12:30 : Ugo Baldini (Università di Padova): The Jesuits’ thrust into Slavic Europe, and the diffusion of the western Euclid
  • 12:30–13:45 Lunch
  • 13:45–15:00 : Shin Higashi (Tokai University, Tokyo): Clavius vu de la philosophie des mathématiques au XVIe siècle
  • 15:00–15:15 Break
  • 15:15–16:30 : Shuyan Pan (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing): Understanding and Reinterpreting : A textual-contextual analysis of the Translation of Clavius’ Elements into China in the Early 17th Century
  • 16:30–16:45 Break
  • 16:45–18:00 : Sabine Rommevaux (CNRS, SPHERE): Les ajouts à la seconde édition de Clavius des Eléments d’Euclide

Practical information

University Paris Diderot, Room Klimt, 366A, Building Condorcet, 4, rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris

Contact: Vincenzo de Risi (SPHère, & MPIWG)

vincenzoderisi ( at ) univ-paris-diderot.fr


  • Salle 366A, 3e étage / Room 366A, 3rd floor - Université Paris Diderot, laboratoire SPHère, bâtiment Condorcet, 4 rue Elsa Morante
    Paris, France (75013)


  • Friday, December 13, 2019


  • Euclide, Euclid, géométrie,geometry,China, Chine, jésuite, jesuit


  • vincenzo de risi
    courriel : derisi [at] univ-paris-diderot [dot] fr

Information source

  • Nad Fachard
    courriel : nad [dot] fachard [at] univ-paris-diderot [dot] fr

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