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Published on Monday, December 09, 2019 by Céline Guilleux


The event will bring the debate over the future of the Arctic region to the Institute of Social and Political Sciences, and the theme will be “And if the Arctic Region could speak? Multidimensional security changes in the Arctic – Global Geopolitics and Geostrategy”.


VII Lisbon International Arctic Conference and Workshop – 13 December, ISCSP – Universidade de Lisboa


In Politics, the 2019 agenda witnessed several ‘climate strikes’ as well as unexpected and unsuspected speakers. While the planet witnessed the UN ‘offering’ itself to promote a new ideology and acting as a global stage where claiming for action in support of climate security and defense seemed to be the solution for everything, actors kept their focus on self-interest and objectives.  In the Arctic Region, formal speeches stress cooperation in environmental risk mitigation associated to climate change, but action keep space and resources in focus.

These changes have Power, Military, Security (in its broadest sense), Geopolitics, Geostrategy and Geo-economics, Foreign Policy, International Law, Cooperation, Globalization, Governance and Resilience as their core.

Therefore, what to expect for the future? And what if the Arctic Region could speak?...


10:00 | Opening Ceremony

  • Alice Trindade, Vice-President of ISCSP
  • Maria de Fátima Amante, Vice-President of CAPP’s Executive Board
  • António de Sousa Lara, Coordinator of the Internacional Relations Unit at ISCSP
  • Pedro Moreira da Fonseca, Deputy Coordinator of the Political Science Unit at ISCSP
  • Sandra M. Rodrigues Balão, Deputy Coordinator of the Strategy Unit at ISCSP

Panel 1 - 10:30 | Arctic Cooperation, (Geo)Politics and Economy - Multidimensional Approaches

Moderation: Lassi Heininen

  • The Arctic Research Center of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: First steps, Eduard Ariza - The Arctic Research Center of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, Níels Einarsson - Director of the Stefansson Arctic Institute, Akureyri, Iceland 
  • The meaning of geopolitics and its application in the Arctic, Carlos Mendes Dias - Instituto Superior de Ciências da Informação e da Administração, Portugal
  •  The Arctic paradox of political (in)tolerance: how much does it differ in these societies? Viriato Queiroga - ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal
  •  Polar Silk Road – A new Geo-economics’ challenge, Mário Pontes - Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies / ISCSP / Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

13:00 | Lunch Break

Panel 2 - 15:00 | Arctic Governance, Policy and Strategy

Moderation: Teresa Almeida e Silva

  • Canada and the evolution of its Arctic Policies and Strategies, Valter Cláudio - Institute of Social and Political Sciences / Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
  •  EU, NATO and USA Arctic Policies and Strategies in the XXI Century: Common Ground or Asymmetry? Sandra Balão - Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies / ISCSP / Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Bolstering Governance in the Arctic, Maria do Céu Pinto - School of Economics and Management / University of Minho, Portugal

17:00 | Networking Coffee

Panel 3 - 17:30 | Arctic Security and Defense: From Past to Present and into the Future

Moderation: Sandra Balão

  • Arctic Security: A Global Challenge, Marco Marsili - Research Centre of the Institute for Political Studies / Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
  • Arctic Defense and Security in the Context of Hybrid Operations, Carlos Gonçalves - IBM Certified Researcher, IBM Q Experience’s network of expert users in quantum computation, Northwestern University’s CCL’s Netlogo Modeling Commons network, SingularityU Global and the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement, IntechOpen Editor, Portugal
  • Great power Rivalry or Cold War legacy - main features of military presence in the Arctic, Lassi Heininen - Professor Emeritus and Research Director, Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research at University of Helsinki, Finland

19:30 | Closing Remarks


  • Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas - Rua Almerindo Lessa
    Lisbon, Portugal (1300-663)


  • Friday, December 13, 2019

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  • Pedro Rodrigues
    courriel : capp [at] iscsp [dot] ulisboa [dot] pt

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  • Pedro Rodrigues
    courriel : capp [at] iscsp [dot] ulisboa [dot] pt

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