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CEFRES 2020 Platform PHD fellowship

Aides doctorales de la plateforme CEFRES 2020

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Published on Monday, March 02, 2020


In the frame of its Platform, CEFRES offers a year-long fellowship to PhD students enrolled at the Charles University and/or working as fellows at the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic. Fellows’ research should contribute to one of CEFRES’s research areas. The amount of the fellowship is 10 000 CZK per month during 12 months. Good command of English is mandatory, command of French is appreciated. The selected PhD fellows will join CEFRES team and take part in the center’s scientific life.



CEFRES PhD fellows are staying in Prague and they contribute to the activities (workshops, conferences, lectures, round tables) of CEFRES. They present their research and propose a collaborative activity as CEFRES fellow. They provide with a quarterly report stating the progress made on their research, as well with one presentation of their work for publication or already published with the permission of its publishers to upload it to the institutional archives HAL-SHS. They provide CEFRES with an exemplar of their thesis after its defence (electronic versions are welcome).

Submission Guidelines

Application packages must be submitted electronically in a PdF entitled ”CEFRES Plateform-your surname” at: claire@cefres.cz. To be considered, application packages must be complete.

Application packages can be sent in French or in English.

Deadline for submission: 31 March 2020 (5 pm)

Duration: 1 September 2020 – 31 August 2021

Call for applications for 2nd year and above PhD students at the Charles University or the Czech Academy of Sciences

  1. Duly filled in application form – download the form here
  2. A summary of the on-going research (5 pages maximum) including:
    • the aims and inputs of the research
    • its methodological and theoretical frame
    • the first outcomes since the beginning of the research
    • a state of the art presented within a 1 page-long bibliography
  3. A letter of motivation answering these two questions:
    • How does your research project contribute to one of CEFRES’s research areas (450 words)
    • How can your research benefit from CEFRES? (300 words)
  4. Two academic reference letters, including one from the PhD supervisor
  5. A CV including, if relevant, a list of publications and papers.

All applications will be evaluated by a committee of experts. Candidates will be informed of the results of the preselection by 15 May 2020. Preselected candidates will be interviewed at the CEFRES by a jury presided by the director of CEFRES in the week of the 25th of May. Final results will be published on 31 May 2019.

Any questions related to the application procedure may be sent to Mrs Claire Madl: claire@cefres.cz.


The selection committee is made up of an equal number of members of the UK and ČR CEFRES members committee.

Statutory Members

  • Pavel Baran, Vice President in charge of Research Area III. Humanities and Social Sciences of AV ČR
  • Lenka Rovná, Vice-Rector for European Affairs of UK
  • Jérôme Heurtaux, director of CEFRES

UK Representatives

  • Prof. JUDr. Jan Dvořák, CSc. (Faculty of Law)
  • doc. Mgr. Josef Fulka, Ph.D. (Faculty of Humanities)
  • PhDr. Hana Havlůjová, Ph.D. (Faculty of Education)
  • doc. Mgr. Petr Christov, Ph.D. (Faculty of Arts)
  • doc. Jan Dušek, Ph.D. (Protestant Theological Faculty)
  • Mgr. Eliška Tomalová, Ph.D. (Faculty of Social Sciences)

AV ČR Representatives

  • Mgr. Kateřina Čapková, Ph.D. (Institute for Contemporary History)
  • Mgr. Radka Dudová, Ph.D. (Institute of Sociology)
  • JUDr. Jan Malíř, Ph.D. (Institute of State and Law).
  • PhDr. Taťána Petrasová, CSc. (Institute of Art History)
  • Mag. Phil Dr. Michael Wögerbauer (Institute of Czech Literature)
  • PhDr. Jan Zouplna, Ph.D. (Oriental Institute)

And external experts selected on the basis of the themes of the applications.



  • Na Florenci 3
    Prague, Czechia (110 00)


  • Tuesday, March 31, 2020


  • aides doctorales, prague, mobilité à l'étranger


  • Claire Madl
    courriel : claire [dot] madl [at] cefres [dot] cz

Reference Urls

Information source

  • Claire Madl
    courriel : claire [dot] madl [at] cefres [dot] cz


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