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Página inicialPhenomenology of perception around the world

Phenomenology of perception around the world

PhP 75th anniversary broadcast series - Vol. 1

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Publicado quinta, 16 de julho de 2020 por Céline Guilleux


La Phénoménologie de la perception de Merleau-Ponty, publiée en 1945, est un ouvrage remarquable tant pour la qualité de ses observations sur notre monde que pour son anticipation presciente de découvertes récentes sur la corporéité et la perception. La Phénoménologie a grandement influencé le domaine de la recherche philosophique et inspiré de nombreuses avancées créatives tant en philosophie qu’en art. Pour célébrer son impact, ses nombreuses contributions, et son futur prometteur, le International Merleau-Ponty Circle et Chiasmi International sollicitent vos soumissions pour une série de vidéodiffusion internationale portant sur cette œuvre majeure. Cette série fera écho à la série de radiodiffusion philosophique à laquelle Merleau-Ponty lui-même a participé en 1948. Ces émissions radio, dédiées au thème du monde tel qu’il nous est révélé par la phénoménologie, ont été transcrites dans Causeries 1948 et traduites vers anglais sous le titre The World of Perception.


A Joint Project of the International Merleau-Ponty Circle and Chiasmi International: Trilingual Studies Concerning Merleau-Ponty’s Thought


Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception, published in 1945, is a book remarkable for its enduring insights about our world and its anticipation of subsequent results about embodiment and perception. For 75 years it has been inspiring philosophical thinking and scholarship as well as deeply creative advances in philosophy and also the arts.

To celebrate its impact, offerings, and future prospects, the International Merleau-Ponty Circle and Chiasmi International are mounting a project to solicit and curate a series of video broadcasts about this book, from around the world. The series is meant to echo Merleau-Ponty’s own 1948 radio broadcasts about philosophy, dedicated to the topic of the world as revealed by phenomenology, and transcribed in Causeries 1948 and translated in The World of Perception.

Our present series aims to take up a communications technology with global significance at this moment, the ‘video lecture’, and turn it to expressive, creative use, to spark a moment of renewed thinking about the world around us—and to do so by thinking and sensing the world together, despite and through the distances our very bodies now demand of us. It also hopes to inspire scholars and creators to revivify their practices, by opening isolated places of study to global conversations, through new media of philosophical dialogue.


We invite the submission of short proposals for videos, comprised of a working title, brief abstract/plan, and CV of broadcaster(s). Videos may be from a single person, or a small team or group. Each is to be 30 minutes, maximum, and is meant to speak to the reception of the Phenomenology in the country or region, as well as scholarship on and/or creative practices drawing on the Phenomenology (including work of the broadcaster(s)), to communicate the significance of the Phenomenology and its results.

In keeping with Merleau-Ponty’s emphasis on creative expression, the videos could have the form of: a recorded philosophy talk by a single person; an interview with one more or persons (as in Merleau-Ponty’s interviews with Georges Charbonnier); or be a more complex edited audio-visual production, a video essay, or a creative production as well. Please include your vision of the form of the broadcasts. Finally, in keeping with Merleau-Ponty’s own broadcast efforts, we seek videos that are accessible (vs. highly technical) and that shed light on the Phenomenology through the world around us. The series is meant as a rally for those working on the Phenomenology but also to enlist the Phenomenology in rallying us back to life and the world.

Series release and final party: Videos in the series will be released on the web, with launch dates to be determined, and in addition will be available on a streaming platform to be heard and seen at any time thereafter. We are also hoping to be able to host a final party and celebration.

Proposals (750-1000 words) are to be submitted via our online form.

Submissions open July 1, 2020. We will be reviewing submissions as they arrive and give first consideration to proposals received by mid-August, but will continue to review proposal received after that, on a rolling basis.

We hope that first broadcasts will be ready to release by October.


Submissions will be curated by a panel convened by the International Merleau-Ponty Circle leadership and the editors of Chiasmi. The curatorial panel will draw on the expertise of the Board of the International Merleau-Ponty Circle (which includes all past directors of Merleau-Ponty Circle conferences). The aim is curating a series that will provide a global gallery of views on the Phenomenology.

Curating will happen in two stages: reviewing and accepting proposed projects for inclusion in the series; then a final check and review of the completed work, with the anticipation that all projects accepted via proposal will be included in the broadcast series.

Optimally, we would like to have at least 1 submission from each country or region where the Phenomenology has had an impact, with a larger number, provisionally up to 4, from countries/regions where there has been a lot of scholarly/creative activity. But this is a plastic guideline. The aim is to have a diversity of videos from different regions and disciplinary perspectives.

The overall curatorial effort is pedagogical, communicative, celebratory: to cultivate and support a series that robustly communicates this book and its reception around the world.

Technical guidelines as to, e.g., resolution, compression settings, target streaming platform, are in development, as well as advice re: accessibility. We hope to be able to provide these, as well as some tips and technical support, in the near future.

We will also be providing, to participants, a template for opening and closing credits, titles and so on, so the broadcasts will have a visual and auditory unity as part of the series.

See also the FAQ.

As a general point, we are trying to get this rolling before all the details have been worked out, as a response to a situation that has collapsed the usual intercorporeal fabric of annual meetings across the world.



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