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Veröffentlicht am Dienstag, 15. September 2020 bei Céline Guilleux


Né d'une mise en commun d'intentions ayant vu le jour « aux quatre coins du monde », le projet de cette revue répond au désir de faire ou de créer de la « place » à et pour la pensée. Et puisque la pensée ne peut se dire « pensée », qu'à la condition de se faire « pensée de toutes et de tous » et non pas, donc, propriété exclusive (privée) de certains - Philosophy World Democracy se devra d'être une revue accessible, internationale et, donc, multilingue. De sorte que, l'un des objectifs de notre projet sera de multiplier ces « quatre coins du monde » à partir desquels ce projet fut initialement pensé. Philosophy World Democracy aura donc à être un espace d'accueil inconditionnel – d'hospitalité donc – à la fois pour écrire et pour lire et ce, au-delà de toute tentative de hiérarchisation de la pensée à laquelle celle-ci se voit trop souvent soumise aujourd'hui.



Born of a common set of intentions that emerged "from the four corners of the world", the project of this journal responds to the desire to make or create " space " to and for thought. And since thought can only be said "thought" on the condition that it becomes the "thought of all" - and not, therefore, the exclusive (private) property of some - Philosophy World Democracy must be an accessible, international and, therefore, multilingual journal. Thus, one of the objectives of our project will be to "multiply" these "four corners of the world" from which this project was initially conceived.

Philosophy World Democracy will therefore have to be a space of unconditiona welcome - of hospitality, therefore - both for writing and for reading, beyond any attempt to prioritize thought to which it is too often subjected today.

In doing so, we encourage proposals for publication from all those who, due to academic, social,political and/or geopolitical exclusion criteria, see their thinking relegated to indifference, or even to silence.

Your publication proposals

We invite you to send us your proposals to the following e-mailaddress:

before 2020, December 31th.

We will publish sophisticated, complex and specialized contributions that will also be accessible to the general public interested in the contemporary world and all its facets and perspectives.

1) A first possibility is to shorten and rewrite an already published scholarly article according to our criteria:

  • readability: please avoid the hermetic discourse and implicit knowledge shared by the"enlightened few",
  • topicality: please touch upon and deal with issues that concern us all,
  • brevity: please keep it short, although longer essays will always be considered and possibly reworked appropriately (if necessary) while working with the authors.

2) The second possibility is to write a new essay on an issue that is topical from our journal’s point of view. In this situation, you can prepare a draft paper that includes bullet points of the planned discussion, and we will get back to you with our thoughts, wishes, or recommendations.

For further ideas and suggestions (if, for example, you are considering submitting a podcast or interview instead), please contact us.Philosophy World Democracy is a multilingual journal - we welcome articles in all languages.

If you would like to submit an essay in a language not spoken by one of our editors or editorial board members,please contact us and we will see how we can help you.

Editorial board

  • Mireille Delmas-Marty,
  • Zeynep Direk,
  • Divya Dwivedi,
  • Achilles Mbembe,
  • Shaj Mohan,
  • Jean-Luc Nancy,
  • Benedetta Todaro;


  • Divya Dwivedi ;

Associate editors

  • Ivana Perica (Zagreb),
  • Aarushi Punia (New Delhi),
  • Daniel J. Smith (Pennsylvania),
  • Benedetta Todaro (Paris),
  • Yotetsu Tonaki (Tokyo) ;

Scientific committee

  • Robert Bernasconi,
  • Anne Cheng,
  • Meena Dhanda,
  • Federico Ferrari,
  • Nicolas Idier,
  • Laurence Joseph,
  • Osamu Nishitani,
  • Marcia Sa Cavalcante Schuback,
  • Romila Thapar,
  • Juan Manuel Garrido Wainer,
  • Robert J.C. Young.


  • Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2020


  • Benedetta Todaro
    courriel : benedetta [dot] todaro [at] gmail [dot] com


  • Benedetta Todaro
    courriel : benedetta [dot] todaro [at] gmail [dot] com


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