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Aux frontières des genres

« Frontière·s ». Revue d’archéologie, histoire et histoire de l’art

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Published on Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Frontière·sRevue d’Archéologie, Histoire & Histoire de l’art aims at providing an Open Access epistemological framework for Ancient and Medieval scholars. It focuses on the polysemous and discussed term ‘border’. For its fifth issue, the authors are invited to write on the theme “Edges of gender”.


Journal presentation

Nowadays, Open Access frameworks dedicated to epistemology in Ancient and Medieval fields remain far too few. The main objective of the journal Frontière·s. Revue d’Archéologie, Histoire & Histoire de l’art is to provide an efficient publication support to the scientific community based on the peer review. This project, led by junior researchers, is housed by Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée Jean Pouilloux and supported by Jean Moulin University (Lyon 3).

In the field of Ancient studies, the common understanding of ‘border’ is often restricted to geopolitical limits. However, it is possible to understand ‘border’ in a wider way according to the modes of separation. Though, depending on the way of splitting, it could encompass any meanings: concrete or abstract boundaries, built or natural ones, etc. Authors are invited to consider every kind of separation between individuals, not only geophysical, state or political ones, but also social, cultural, symbolic, linguistic, metaphysical boundaries.

Frontière·provides a cross-sectoral framework to archaeologists, historians and art historians, and moreover, a work tool published on a semestrial basis.

Ongoing CFP : ‘Edges of gender’

At the crossroads of disciplinary fields such as sociology, history and anthropology, gender studies questions the limits of individual identity. As a social construct specific to each culture and human group, the idea of gender is at the heart of social norms that it participates in defining and redefining. Across cultures and eras, gender and sex have rarely been limited to the male-female duality alone. In this issue, authors are invited to look at what lies within this range but also beyond that binary gender boundary. Depending on the authors’ interests, themes could include: transidentity, androgyny, intersex conditions, cross-dressing, fluidity, queerness, castration, etc. Papers may address these and other themes through archaeological, epigraphic and iconographic sources, through the study of myths or social constructs, but also question the perspective of modern historical and archaeological studies on gender and sex in ancient and medieval societies.


Submission deadline

June 20th 2021

  • September 1st 2021: reviewers’ feedback
  • November 1st 2021: deadline for submitting corrections
  • December 2021: issue publication

Submission guidelines

English and French submissions are both accepted.

All paper proposals (max. 22,000 signs) must be submitted to: frontiere-s@mom.fr by December 20th 2020 accompanied by a short abstract in French and English (max. 1200 signs) and 5–10 key words. Please also include your institutional affiliation, position and name.

Editorial standards here.

Bibliographic standards here.

Editorial comittee

  • Loubna AYEB (Archéorient)
  • Elise PAMPANAY (HiSoMA)


  • Sunday, June 20, 2021


  • frontière, border, épistémologie, epistemology, limite, boundary, social, société, society, genre, gender, sexuation, sex, transidentité, transidentity, non-binarité, non-binary


  • Loubna Ayeb
    courriel : loubna [dot] ayeb [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Elise Pampanay
    courriel : elise [dot] pampanay [at] ens-lyon [dot] fr

Information source

  • Loubna Ayeb
    courriel : loubna [dot] ayeb [at] gmail [dot] com


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