InicioSmart City et prise de décision

InicioSmart City et prise de décision

Smart City et prise de décision

Smart City and decision-taking

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Publicado el martes 08 de junio de 2021 por João Fernandes


La ville intelligente, pour permettre la transformation et la rationalisation de certains services publics, se nourrit de données. Données à caractère personnel ou données techniques, ces informations ont vocation à appuyer le processus décisionnaire au sein des villes : elles en deviennent le principal carburant et permettent ainsi d’alimenter certaines techniques d’analyse. La journée d’étude entend proposer des pistes de réflexion sur les différents temps de la prise de décision. Outre les fondements permettant sa mise en œuvre, les différentes interventions auront vocation à analyser les outils permettant la prise de décision ainsi que les conséquences qui en résultent.



Smart Cities are constantly in need of data in order to ensure the transformation of public services. Personal or technical data are progressively becoming the support of decision making : they are the fuel of new technical analysis. The study day organised by the Chaire Smart City & Data Governance, which will be held on July the 9th, aims to identify the consequences of decision making in Smart Cities. Several contributions should help understand how decisions are made in our cities and what are the consequences.


9h15 Welcome coffee

9h45 Introduction to the workshop by Alexis Mages, Dean of the DSEP faculty, University of Burgundy-UBFC and Emmanuel Py, Director of the Chair Smart City and data governance, University of Burgundy-UBFC

10h-12h Round-table 1 – The foundations of decision-making, what data for what uses ?

Introductory remarks and presidence by Jean-Bernard Auby, Emeritus Professor, Sciences Po Paris

  • « Is the protection of personal data an obstacle to decision-making?», Thibault Douville, Professor, University of Caen Normandie
  • « Decision-making and ethics, what framework for algorithm processing ? », Maximilien Lanna, Post-doc researcher, CID, UBFC
  • « Decision-making and Open Data, what transparency ? », speaker to be confirmed

 12h-13h30 Lunch break

13h30-15h30 Round-table 2 – Tools and modes of decision-making

Introductory remarks and presidence by Christophe Nicolle, director of CIAD (Distributed Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence, UBFC)

  • «Regulation and data sharing, challenges and perspectives», Karine Favro, Professor, University of Haute Alsace
  • «API and data sharing, towards a decompartmentalization of public services ?», Emilie Debaets, Lecturer, University Toulouse 1 Capitole
  • «Energy governance through data, the example of the Linky electric meter», Thoma Lamb, PhD student in Political Science, University Paris-II PanthéonAssas

15h45-17h30 Round-table 3 – Consequences of decision-taking

Introductory remarks and presidence by Bertrand Pailhès (Director of Technologies and Innovation at the CNIL)

  • « Contracts and data control, challenges and perspectives », Philippe Cossalter, Professor, University of Sarre
  • « The role of user in decision-making, challenges and perspectives of algorithms on citizen governance », Jean-Baptiste Chambon, Phd studient at the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE) of Sciences Po
  • « The impact of automated decisions on local finances », speaker to be confirmed

Event format

Worshop organised at distance and on-site


  • Emmanuel Py, CID, University of Burgundy
  • Maximilien Lanna, CID, Comue UBFC


More information


  • MSH de Dijon - 6 esplanade Erasme
    Dijon, Francia (21)


  • viernes 09 de julio de 2021

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  • Catherine Daurele
    courriel : secretariat-m2-smartcity [at] u-bourgogne [dot] fr

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  • Emmanuel Py
    courriel : secretariat-m2-smartcity [at] u-bourgogne [dot] fr

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