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Climate Migrations: Past, Present, Future

Migrations climatiques : passé, présent, futur

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Published on Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Though interest in environmental migration has grown steadily since the 1980s, the climate emergency has established climate migration as a major subject of research. This type of migration can be defined as movements by individuals or groups which are mainly caused by factors related to a sudden or progressive environmental alteration due to climate change. Both climate science on the one hand, and humanities and social sciences on the other, are now deepening our collective understanding of climate migration. And yet transdisciplinary “consilience” between those two domains of knowledge remains rare and, indeed, presents major methodological challenges


Programme détaillé / Detailed schedule

11 :15 Accueil des participants. Mot de bienvenue par Pierre Sepulchre et Fabrice Langrognet. Greeting of participants. Welcome words.

11 :30-12 :45 Première session : “Définir les migrations climatiques”. First session : “Define Climate Migrations.”

Modératrice/Chair : Catherine Larrère, Université Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne, France.


  • Emnet Berhanu Gebre, IOM: “Framing Climate Migration: Casting Light On The Legal and Political Stakes.”
  • Robert McLeman, Wilfrid-Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada: “Human Migration in a Changing Climate: Legal, Political and Practical Considerations.”
  • Jochem Marotzke, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany: “Climate Change, Climate Variability, and Migration.”

12 :45-14 :15 Pause-déjeuner / Lunch break.

14 :15-15 :30 Deuxième session : “Les migrations climatiques dans le temps”. Second session: “Climate Migrations Across Time.”

Modératrice/Chair : Lamya Khalidi, CNRS, France.


  • Elena Xoplaki, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany: “Climate Variations and The Migration of The Turkoman Nomads.”
  • Heli Huhtamaa, University of Bern, Switzerland: “Climate, Mobility, and Migration in History: Perspectives from Northern Europe.”
  • Ingrid Boas, Wageningen University, Netherlands: “Climate Change and Digitalisation Reshaping Practices of Mobility: The Case of Pastoralism in The Kenyan Laikipia Highlands.

15:30-15:45 Pause / Break.

15 :45-17 :00 Troisième session : “Les migrations climatiques dans l’espace”. Third session: “Climate Migrations Across Space.”

Modérateur/Chair : François Gemenne, Université de Liège, Belgium/Sciences Po, France.

Intervenants/Speakers :

  • Hélène Benveniste, Harvard University, USA : “Migration, Exposure to Climate Change, and Immobility.”
  • Geremia Cometti, Université de Strasbourg, France : “The Importance of An Anthropological Approach to Analyze The Nexus Between Migration and Climate Change.”
  • Katrin Millock, CNRS/Paris School of Economics, France: “Gendered Migration Responses to Extreme Climate Events.”

17 :00-17 :15 Pause / Break.

17 :15-18 :30 Quatrième session : “L’avenir des migrations climatiques”. Fourth session: “The Future of Climate Migrations.”

Modérateur/Chair: Serge Janicot, IRD, France.

  • Alassane Diallo, Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow, Dakar, Sénegal: “Adaptation to Climate Change Through Migration as a Factor of Sustainable Development in Developing Countries.”
  • Dina Ionesco, IOM, Geneva: “The Two Sides of The Coin: Integrating Climate Dimensions Into Migration Policies and Practice and Migration Dimensions Into The Climate Agenda.”
  • Lori Hunter, University of Colorado Boulder, USA: “Migration-Environment Research: Remaining Puzzles and Promising Approaches.”

18 :30-18 :45 Pause / Break.

18 :45-19 :15 Discussion conclusive animée par les coordinateurs. Keynote conversation, moderated by the conveners.

Conférenciers principaux/Keynote Speakers :

  • Valérie Masson-Delmotte, CNRS, France.
  • François Héran, Collège de France/Institut Convergences Migrations, France.

19 :15-20 :30 Buffet / Reception.


  • University of Chicago – Center in Paris - 6, rue Thomas Mann
    Paris, France (75013)

Event attendance modalities

Hybrid event (on site and online)


  • Tuesday, September 21, 2021


  • migration, climate, environment


  • Fabrice Langrognet
    courriel : fabrice [dot] langrognet [at] univ-paris1 [dot] fr
  • Pierre Sepulchre
    courriel : pierre [dot] sepulchre [at] lsce [dot] ipsl [dot] fr

Information source

  • Fabrice Langrognet
    courriel : fabrice [dot] langrognet [at] univ-paris1 [dot] fr


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