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Representations of Happiness

Représentations du bonheur

Journal of philology and intercultural communication

Revue de philologie et de communication interculturelle

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Published on Monday, September 13, 2021


En pleine période de pandémie et de crise socio-économique mondiale, il est le temps d’évoquer – aujourd’hui peut-être plus que jamais – le Décaméron de Jean Boccace et l’exemple fourni par ses personnages. La Revue de Philologie et de Communication interculturelle (RPCI) vous invite alors à soumettre des articles sur le concept du bonheur et de ses différentes représentations ainsi que sur son contraire sombre, le malheur. RPCI accepte des contributions provenant de différents domaines d’expertise, notamment la littérature, les arts visuels, les études culturelles, les études de genre et d’identité, la philosophie, la religion, l’anthropologie, la psychologie, la linguistique, entre autres.


Vol. 6, No. 1/February 2022


In times of pandemic and world-wide socio-economic crisis, we evoke Giorgio Boccacio’s Decameron and the example provided by his characters and invite contributors to conceive papers on the concept of happiness, its various representations as well as its dark counterpart, the unhappiness. We welcome submissions from different fields of expertise, including literature, visual arts, cultural studies, gender and identity studies, philosophy, religion, anthropology, psychology, linguistics, among many others and propose topics such as:

  • Theoretical approaches of (un)happiness;
  • Types of happiness;
  • The eternal quest for happiness;
  • Ways of achieving happiness;
  • Collective vs individual happiness;
  • Social happiness: utopia vs dystopia
  • Happiness in empires and colonies;
  • Mythological representations of happiness
  • God / Divinity and the expression of supreme happiness
  • Materialism / Consumerism / Social status and happiness;
  • Mass media and the projection of happiness
  • Human ages and the stages of happiness
  • Family and its old / new ways of expressing happiness
  • The connection between happiness, love and passion;
  • Passions and addictions as forms of happiness
  • Happiness and mental or physical sickness, disability
  • Finding happiness in extreme conditions: wartime and pandemic
  • Happiness in seclusion: extermination camps, prison, hospital, monastery

Please note that the above topics are not exclusive and all contributions on the proposed theme are warmly welcomed. Likewise, the journal section titled Miscellaneous may include papers that are not related to the present theme.

How to submit

Contributions should be sent by December 31th 2021 to:

  • Adela Catana: adela.catana@yahoo.com (English and Romanian)
  • Andreea Preda: andreea.preda@mta.ro (French and Romanian)

Guidelines for contributors

We invite our collaborators to submit original articles that have not been published, under review or accepted elsewhere. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure the originality, authorship, accuracy, complete references, coherent organization and legible appearance of their works.

  • Languages: English, French, Romanian.
  • The page-limit for articles: no more than 12 pages, works cited included.
  • The margins: left - 25 mm, right – 25 mm, top – 25 mm, bottom – 25 mm, header and footer –15 mm.
  • Paper setup: A4, 1,15 space between lines, 20 mm margins, justified;
  • Title of the article: Caps, Times New Roman 14 Bold, Centered, at 50 mm above the text;
  • Author’s name, scientific title and academic affiliation: Times New Roman 12 Bold, under the title, at 2 lines distance;
  •  Abstract: Approximately 250 words in English, Times New Roman 11, italics, two lines below the author’s name, in English;
  • Five Keywords under the abstract, in English (TNR 11);
  • Text of the article: one line below the keywords, in English, Times New Roman, 12, justified;
  • No endnotes (footnotes only): font size 10, numbering: continuous; No Page Breaks in the document; All graphic elements set in line with the text;
  • Bibliography/Works Cited: at 2 lines distance from the end of the paper; single column format, Times New Roman 12, italics, under the bibliography. Sources must be quoted according to the latest edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers;
  • Biodata: 2 lines distance from the end of the Bibliography; Times New Roman 12; justified;
  • All papers will be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format.


Submitted papers are subject to PEER REVIEW and will be evaluated according to their significance, originality, technical content, style, clarity, and relevance to the conference theme.

For more information, feel free to check our website https://jpic.mta.ro/.


  • Friday, December 31, 2021


  • représentation, bonheur, malheur, perspective


  • Andreea-Maria Preda
    courriel : andreea [dot] preda [at] mta [dot] ro

Information source

  • Andreea-Maria Preda
    courriel : andreea [dot] preda [at] mta [dot] ro


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