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Investors' Behavior in Equity Crowdfunding

Le financement des start-ups en « Equity crowdfunding » (ECF)

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Published on Monday, October 11, 2021


This workshop is part of the IBEC program, led by Enareta Kurtbegu. Funded by the Research Commission of the University of Angers, its theme is “Equity crowdfunding for start-ups: a behavioral analysis of the attitudes of different categories of potential investors”. This study day will present the results of two and a half years of work.




9h00 - Welcome

  • Christophe Daniel, DeanSandra Camus, Director of the Granem Research Center

9h15 - Introductive Conference

  • Theresia Harrer, Risk Manager, PhD Candidate & Research Fellow (Middlessex University, CEEDR) : What do we know about Equity Crowdfunding ?

10h00 - Conference

  • Karsten Wenzlaff, Secretary General (German Crowdfunding Association) : Crowdfunding European Reglementation

11h00 - Break

11h30 - Investment decision in Equity-Crowdfunding

  1. Fabrice Hervé, professeur en sciences de gestion (université de Dijon) : Determinants of Individual investment decisions in investment-based crowdfunding
  2. Laurence Attuel-Mendes, docteur en droit, professeur associé (Burgundy Business School) : The paradox of crowdfunding: the underutilization of the crowd in the making of the individual investment decision

12h30 - Lunch


14h00 - ECF campaigns’ success

  1. Alessandro Grasso, Associate Professor (Università Degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia) : Platform’s partner networks : the missing link in crowdfunding performance
  2. Karima Bouaiss, maître de conférences HDR en sciences de gestion (université de Lille) : Success of equity crowdfunding campaigns: an analysis based on internal and external communication tools

15h00 - Results of the IBEC project

  • Presentation : Enareta Kurtbegu

15h30 - Q&A

15h45 - Break

16h15 - Round table : Les défis de l’Equity Crowdfunding (en français)

  • Animation : Catherine Deffains-Crapsky
  • Sandrine Pernette, directrice (Plateforme Incit’Financement)
  • Anaele Toubiana, responsable relations institutionnelles (Financement participatif France)
  • Christophe Houeix, CCI Angers, directeur (Direction développement des entreprises)
  • Jean-Pierre Bernheim, réseau ABAB (Atlantique Business Angels Booster)


Registration open from August 26, 2021 through October 10, 2021 at the following link:



  • Amphithéâtre INCA - Faculté de Droit, d'Économie et de Gestion de l'Université d'Angers - 13 Allée François Mitterand
    Angers, France (49)

Event attendance modalities

Full on-site event


  • Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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  • investors, equity crowdfunding, crowdfunding


  • Secrétariat Granem
    courriel : secretariat [dot] granem [at] contact [dot] univ-angers [dot] fr

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  • Anne-Laure Guillaumat
    courriel : anne-laure [dot] guillaumat [at] univ-angers [dot] fr


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