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Journal of Translation and Languages (TRANSLANG)

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Published on Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Translation and Language, a scientific journal, is going to launch a special issue on “Translation and interpreting studies”. Scholars and researchers are cordially invited to share their latest research result in this field.



The journal Traduction et Langues TRANSLANG (Translation and Languages) is an indexed international, double-blind peer-reviewed, bi-annual and free of charge, open-access journal edited by University of Oran2. The journal publishes original research and survey articles in the fields of Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting studies, Discourse Analysis, and Humanities from theoretical and practical perspectives.

The journal aims at promoting international scholarly exchanges among researchers, academics and practitioners to foster intercultural communication by providing insights into local and global languages and cultures. The journal is distinguished by its multidisciplinary dimension and plurilingual orientation.

The journal is published one issue a year, the first was edited in 2001, but starting from Volume 17 issue 1/2018, the journal will be published twice a year. Our journal accepts original papers, reports and reviews in English and French. This journal is published in both print and online versions. The online version is free access and downloadable. All original and outstanding research papers are highly accepted to be published in our International Journal.

For its special issue on “Translation and interpreting studies”, scholars and researchers are cordially invited to share their latest research result in this field.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Visit TRANSLANG Website in ASJP: https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/PresentationRevue/155
  2. Download TRANSLANG article Template (available in different languages: Arabic / English / French / Spanish / Dutch / Russian ) via this link: https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/downloads/revues?fileKey=7571
  3. Submit your article online through TRANSLANG website in ASJP (do not send it by email ) via this link: https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/submission/155
  4. Important Deadlines for submission Edition 2021 (Volume 20N°2): 15 November 2021

If you need more relevant information about the online submission process and the review process, please review Author Guidelines via this link:

Editorial Board

  • Pr. Ghania Ouahmiche University of Oran2- Algeria
  • Pr. Nesi Hilary Coventry University-United Kingdom
  • Pr. Alejandro Carmona Sandoval International University of Valencia- Spain
  • Pr. Andrew Charles Breeze University of Navarre-Spain
  • Pr. Naima Hachad American University-United States
  • Pr. Viktorovich Ragulin Andrey Bashkir economical and legal technical school-Russia
  • Pr. François Rastier National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations INALCO-France
  • Pr ; Antonio Bueno García University of Valladolid-Spain
  • Pr. Madhubala Bava Harji University of Multimedia-Malaysia
  • Pr. Thomas Tinnefeld University of Applied Sciences Saarlandes – Germany
  • Pr. Nicolas Jacobs Oxford University-United Kingdom
  • Pr. Nicolas Froeliger University Paris Diderot-France
  • Pr. Hamdan Jihad University of Jordan- Jordan
  • Pr. Bárbara Arizti Martín University of Zaragoza –Spain
  • Dr. Ashraf Salih Mohamed University of Averroes-  Netherlands
  • Pr.  Jorge diaz cintas University College London- United Kingdom
  • Pr. Hamiche Abdelhak University Hamad Ben Khalifa- Qatar
  • Pr. Isabelle Despres University of Grenoble- France
  • Pr. Pierre Fonkoua University of Yaoundé- Cameroun
  • Pr. Barake Rima Lebanese University- Lebanon
  • Pr. Mourad Yelles National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations INALCO-France
  • Pr. Cortier Claude University of Lyon- France
  • Pr. David Douyere University of Tours- France
  • Pr. Yasmine Barsoum French University of Egypt- Egypt
  • Dr. Kariné Grigoryan   Doĩmadjyan Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences-Armenia
  • Dr. Soliman Abd El-Wahed Yousef Ibrahim University of Suez Canal-  Egypt
  • Pr. Coates Richard ACE - Arts and Cultural Industries-United Kingdom
  • Dr. Alexandre Dubé-Belzile UQO University- Canada
  • Dr. Mohamed Zubair Abbasi International Islamic University-Islamabad-Pakistan
  • Dr. Karine Grigorevna Chiknaverova MGIMO University- Russia
  • Dr. Yaser Natour University of Jordan- Jordan
  • Dr. Ludwig Christian University of Bielefeld-Germany
  • Dr. Suhair Al Alami University of Ghurair - United Emirates
  • Dr. Mogorrón Huerta Pedro University of Alicante- Spain
  • Dr. Ömer  Ishakoglu Istambul University- Turkey 
  • Pr. Héba Medhat Lecocq National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations INALCO-France
  • Pr. Matthieu Marchadour University of Rennes 2-France
  • Pr. Aamir Zaheer National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Dr. Anna Maria Di Tolla University of Naples « L'Orientale », Italy
  • Dr. Abdelkerim Benslim University of  Aïn Témouchent-Algeria
  • Dr. Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Mursaleen The Maldives National University- The Maldives
  • Pr. Sandeep Sharma GB Pant Memorial Govt P.G College GBPMGPGC-India
  • Pr. Shiyab Said Modern and Classical Language Studies, Satterfield Hall Kent State University United States
  • Pr. Lorella Sini   University of Pise - Italy
  • Dr. Barbara J. Rumbinas King Khalid University-Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Shruti Das Berhampur University-India
  • Pr. Idri Nadia University of Béjaia- Algeria
  • Pr. Thi Thanh Thuy Đang National University of Vietnam- Hanoï
  • Pr. Flayyih Mudhhi Al-Samrrai Al-Madinah International University


  • Monday, November 15, 2021


  • Traduction, translation


  • Ghania Ouahmiche
    courriel : ghaniaouahmiche [at] gmail [dot] com

Information source

  • Ghania Ouahmiche
    courriel : ghaniaouahmiche [at] gmail [dot] com


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