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Published on Monday, November 15, 2021


The forth edition of the Fribourg Workshop in Aesthetics & Critique will be dedicated to the question of contemporaneity in art and politics. The contributors are Juliane Rebentisch, Cecilia Sjöholm, Ludger Schwarte, Jacob Lund and Peter Osborne. The event will take place in Fribourg. There will be a video live stream. 




FRI ART, Petites-Rames 22, Fribourg

14h-18h Contemporaneities of Art

  • Aesthetic Practice in Contemporary Conditions, Jacob Lund (Aarhus University)
  • Contemporizing the Classical / Classicizing the Contemporary, Peter Osborne (Kingston University London)
  • The Critique of Contemporary Art, Ludger Schwarte (Kunstakademie Düsseldorf)


Uni Fribourg, Pérolles, Room G230

9h-12h Hannah Arendt Contemporary

  • The Struggle over Plurality, Juliane Rebentisch (HfG Offenbach/Princeton)
  • Rights of the dead: Images after Arendt, Cecilia Sjöholm (Södertörn University)

Registration and contact

For registration, please contact:

  • christoph.haffter@unifr.ch


  • Room G230 - Bd de Pérolles 90, 1700 Fribourg
    Fribourg, Switzerland (1701)

Event attendance modalities

Hybrid event (on site and online)


  • Thursday, November 18, 2021
  • Friday, November 19, 2021


  • aesthetics, political theory, contemporary art


  • Christoph Haffter
    courriel : christoph [dot] haffter [at] unifr [dot] ch

Information source

  • Christoph Haffter
    courriel : christoph [dot] haffter [at] unifr [dot] ch


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