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Published on Thursday, February 10, 2022


The workshop will bring together researchers who are interested in the field of health with different empirical approaches and methodologies: social sciences, “field philosophy” or empirical ethics. Speakers explore these different perspectives and their respective advantages and challenges. They are particularly interested in how philosophers can contribute to developing innovative normative approaches in this field of research.



The workshop brings together scholars working in the healthcare and public health domain both from the perspective of the social sciences, of « field philosophy » and of « empirical ethics ». Participants will explore different approaches and their respective advantages, and well as the specific contribution philosophers can make to developing innovative normative approaches in these fields.


  • 9h - 9h30 Introduction: Marie Gaille (SPHERE UMR 7219, University of Paris/CNRS, Directrice de l’Institut national des sciences humaines et sociales (InSHS))

9h30 - 10h45 “Field philosophers” : what are their objectives and tools ?

  • Digital humanism, ethics of care and individualization in light of new E-health measures: Giovanni Scarafile (University of Pisa) & Roberto Greco (University of Salento)
  • Collaborative research between field philosophy and medical sciences: From disappointed expectations to long-lasting collaborations : Agathe Camus (Post-Doc, SPHere, UMR 7219, Université de Paris/CNRS) & Mathilde Lancelot (maitresse de conférence, Centre François Viète, Université de Nantes)

11h - 12h15 Making new forms of justice effective : a new task for field philosophers ?

  • Discursive justice through empirical ethics? Possibilities and challenges of empirical approaches considering marginalized groups in health care ethics : Silke Schicktanz (University Medical Center, Göttingen, Medical Ethics and History) & Mark Schweda (University of Oldenburg, Ethics in Medicine)
  • Narrative methods as a safe space to facilitate affective justice in health and social care: Brenda Bogaert (Post-Doctoral researcher, Healthcare Values Research Chair, Léon Bérard Center Lyon, and S2HEP Research Center, University of Lyon 1, Claude Bernard)

13h30 - 14h45 Medical professionalism : How can field philosophers help bridge the gap between theory and practice ?

  • Professional ethics in healthcare: Are we speaking about the same ? : Sabine Salloch (Professor,Hannover Medical School, Germany)
  • Between philosophical controversies and medical practice in intensive care: how can fieldphilosophers contribute to both ? : Marta Spranzi (Associate professor, UVS Medical school,clinical ethics consultant, AP-HP, R2E Unit, CESP U1018 University Paris-Saclay/INSERM)

15h - 16h45 Patients and mental health care professionnals : can field philosophy contribute to improve practices ?

  • Persuasion or coercion? An empirical ethics analysis about the use of influence strategies in mentalhealth community care : Emanuele Valenti (Senior Research Associate in Health Care, BristolMedical School)
  • From addiction care to Pascal’s wager: how to help someone who has “fallen” to recover ? : Margaux Dubar (PhD student and lecturer at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, member of IRPhiL and the Healthcare Values Research Chair)

17h - 18h15 Empirical Bioethics or “philosophy in practice” : which directions for further research ?

  • Is empirical bioethics philosophy in practice? Reflections on the rationale, framing and future ofempirical bioethics : Jonathan Ives (Professor, University of Bristol)
  • A comparison between the basic assumptions of empirical ethics and the practice of empirical research in philosophy: Catherine Dekeuwer (Associate professor, Lyon 3 Jean Moulin University,IRPhiL and SPHere UMR 7219, University of Paris/CNRS)

Scientific organisation

  • Marta Spranzi Associate professor, UVSQ Medical School, clinical ethics consultant, AP-HP, R2E Unit, CESP U1018 University Paris-Saclay/INSERM, et
  • Catherine Dekeuwer, Associate professor, Lyon 3 Jean Moulin University, IRPHIL & SPHERE UMR 7219, Université de Paris/CNRS


MSH Paris Saclay, Unité R2E CESP U1018 Université de Paris Saclay, IRPHIL Université de Lyon 3 Jean Moulin et laboratoire Sphère UMR 7219, Université de Paris


The workshop will be face-to-face, registration requested before March 7:


Building and Room precised later

Additional information

Abstracts online : http://www.sphere.univ-paris-diderot.fr/spip.php?article2644&lang=en

Program + abstracts : plaquette, 290 ko


  • Université de Paris, 4, rue Elsa Morante
    Paris, France (75013)

Event attendance modalities

Full on-site event


  • Monday, March 14, 2022


  • philosophie de la médecine, philosophie de terrain, éthique empirique, soin, santé, field philosophy, health care ethics, Empirical ethics


  • Catherine Dekeuwer
    courriel : catherine [dot] dekeuwer-carrier [at] univ-lyon3 [dot] fr
  • Marta Spranzi
    courriel : marta [dot] spranzi [at] uvsq [dot] fr

Information source

  • Nad Fachard
    courriel : nad [dot] fachard [at] univ-paris-diderot [dot] fr


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