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Dialogues Without Borders (and Boundaries) in Imperial History

Dialogues sans frontières (ni bornes) en histoire impériale

Les Cahiers d’histoire, université de Montréal

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Published on Wednesday, March 02, 2022


La revue Les Cahiers d’histoire accepte des propositions pour son numéro régulier de 2022 qui entend proposer une réflexion sur les contacts en contexte impérial, au-delà de la relation binaire et hiérarchique colon-colonisé et des ruptures chronologiques habituelles.



The journal Les Cahiers d'histoire is accepting proposals for its regular issue of 2022, co-edited by Ph.D. candidates Astrid Girault and Soheila Ghaziri and Professor Laurence Monnais. This issue intends to propose a reflection on contacts in imperial contexts, beyond the binary and hierarchical relationship of colonizers-colonized people, and the usual chronological breaks. 


Since the advent of postcolonial studies and subaltern studies, works on colonial empires have renewed the history of interactions between the populations of a colonized territory. Thus, historiography, which was previously organized according to the paradigm of power dynamics between colonizers and colonized people, now analyses the complex relationships of exchange, integration, and mutual influence that exist between individuals and groups in spaces under foreign domination. This perspective has also benefited from the contribution of studies that adopt a bottom-up approach, which seeks to bring out the points of view of the colonized peoples and their agency. 

Through a bottom-up approach to imperial exchanges and contacts, this issue of Les Cahiers d'histoire aims to decentre the historian's view of the West and to highlight the heterogeneity of empires and spaces under influence. It focuses on empires from the 16th century to present day, from the Americas to South-East Asia with the idea of shedding light on the plurality of initiatives and of cultural and social transactions that participate in the reciprocal shaping of metropolises and peripheries over a long period. As imperial culture is neither generic nor global, and as the reactions of societies under influence are extremely complex and changing, this issue aims to contribute to the undoing a compartmentalized vision of empires by putting into dialogue periods and historiographies that are usually distinct. 

Possible approaches and themes (non-exhaustive): 

  • Views of local peoples, minorities, and oppressed groups 
  • Cultural and social traces of contact (religions, syncretism, religious celebrations, arts, social hierarchies, new beliefs, etc.) 
  • Science, technology, innovation, health practices, and relationships to the body 
  • Social justice, inequalities, inequities, movements of resistance and/or support to the imperial presence 
  • Evolution of the relationship to the empire over time (intergenerational differences, integrations...) 
  • Movements of populations, circulations, and migrations 

Submission guidelines

If you are interested in these themes, we invite you to submit a proposal of about 300 words that presents the article you plan to write. Do not forget to mention the sources and the references that will be useful to you, as well as to explain your contribution to the proposed theme and to the historiography in which you insert yourself. These proposals must be submitted by April 1st, 2022. Completed papers should be between 8,000 and 10,000 words including footnotes, and should be received by the team by June 30th, 2022 for submission to the journal's review process. Papers may be written in English or French. Please feel free to include images in your text if they are relevant to your research or study. 

Les Cahiers d'histoire expects articles to follow the typographical rules of the journal available online. 

Submissions and/or queries can be sent by email to: publication@cahiershistoire.org

A few critical reviews of 700-800 words may be accepted. Please write to us at recensions@cahiershistoire.org with your review proposal. 


  • Montreal, Canada


  • Friday, April 01, 2022


  • empire, relation coloniale, postcolonial study


  • Soheila El Ghaziri
    courriel : publication [at] cahiershistoire [dot] org

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  • Soheila El Ghaziri
    courriel : publication [at] cahiershistoire [dot] org


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