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Published on Tuesday, April 26, 2022


The French Institutes for Advanced Study Fellowship Programme offers 10-month fellowships in the six Institutes of Aix-Marseille, Loire Valley (Orléans-Tours), Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes and Paris. It welcomes applications from high-level international scholars to develop their innovative research projects in France.



For the 2023-2024 academic year, FIAS offers 37 fellowship positions: 4 in Aix-Marseille, 3 in Loire Valley (Orléans-Tours), 10 in Lyon, 3 in Montpellier, 4 in Nantes and 13 in Paris.

The call is open to all disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities (SSH) and all research fields. Research projects in other sciences and in arts that propose a strong interaction and dialogue with the SSH are also eligible. Some host IAS have scientific priorities that need to be taken into full consideration before applying.   

The FIAS fellows will be free to organize their research while benefiting from the support and conducive scientific environment offered by the IAS characterised by a multidisciplinary cohort of fellows and by close relation to the local research centres and laboratories.


All IAS have agreed on common standards, including the provision of a living allowance (2,700€ per month), social security coverage, accommodation, a research and training budget, plus coverage of travel expenses.


FIAS awards fellowships to outstanding researchers of all career levels, from postdoctoral researchers to senior scholars. The minimum requirement is a PhD + 2 years of research experience at the time of the application (PhD training will not be considered in the calculation of experience).

Researchers from all countries are eligible to the FIAS Fellowship Programme but they must have spent no more than 12 months in France during the three years prior to the application deadline.


Applications are submitted online via www.fias-fp.eu where you will find detailed information regarding the content of the application, eligibility criteria and selection procedure.

The application platform will be open from April 15th, 2022 until June 9, 2022 - 6:00 PM CET (Paris Time).

Late applications will not be considered.


The scientific selection is highly competitive, merit-based and conducted through an international independent peer review. A pre-selection of applicants conducted Selection Committee is followed by a final selection by the IAS Scientific Advisory Boards. We complete the Selection Committee after the reception and triage of the applications. 

This two-step selection and the different independent committees involved over the process guarantee the pooling of best practices.

The Selection Committee, composed of 17 scholars, both international and multidisciplinary (disciplines covered in the SSH, but also in Cognitive Sciences, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences and Physics) undertake the entire scientific pre-selection. The Core of Selection Committee is composed of the 9 members of the RFIEA Scientific Council (fully independent from both the Foundation and the institutes) and 6 IAS high-level scientific representatives. 2 additional external scholars are mobilized each year to complement the disciplinary/thematic expertise.

The host IAS Scientific Advisory Boards, composed of 10-15 highly recognized scholars, validated the final selection for fellowship invitation.

Schedule :

  • July - October 2022: Double peer review
  • November 2022: Shortlist by the FIAS Selection Committee
  • January - February 2023: Selection by IAS Scientific Advisory Boards
  • March 2023: Communication of results

For more general information on the FIAS Fellowship Programme, please consult our website: www.fias-fp.eu For more detailed information on the IAS specific environment and scientific priorities, please visit the IAS-specific pages: https://www.fias-fp.eu/about-us/the-institutes


  • Thursday, June 09, 2022


  • Programme Officer
    courriel : programme-officer [at] fias-fp [dot] eu

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  • Sanz Barrio Raquel
    courriel : programme-officer [at] fias-fp [dot] eu


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