• Paris

    Conference, symposium - Representation

    The Agency of Plants in the Literature and the Arts of the French and English-Speaking Worlds (19th-21st century)

    Puissances du végéter dans la littérature et les arts des mondes francophones et anglophones (XIXe-XXIe siècle)

    The aim of this international conference is to reflect on the active role of plants in texts and visual representations in the literature and arts of the anglophone and the francophone worlds from the nineteenth century to the present day. We will think about the aesthetic, political, and epistemological implications of this form of agency and analyse the way in which plants act upon and with the human world from an anthrodecentric perspective. We will look at how plants can organise or disorganise our world, call into question established truths, and shape power relations, including political ones.

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    Public Realm Postgraduate Philosophy Journal Volume 2 - Varia

    The second issue of Public Realm: Postgraduate and Early Career Journal of Philosophy invites young scholars and researchers to submit their original works that address a range of topics specialising on the political philosophy of war.

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  • Budapest

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - History

    Lessons of the Cold War?

    Visegrad Scholarship at the Open Society Archives

    We invite historians, researchers, political scientists, sociologists, and socially engaged artists to reflect on the Lessons from the Cold War by taking cues from the Blinken Open Society Archives (OSA) collections. The applicants are encouraged to reflect on the connections as well as on the differences between current times and the past by following some recommended sub-topics. The current call is part of a reflexive-research program at OSA interested in connecting past issues related to oppressive regimes, censorship, violence and information manipulation to current phenomena. We would like to assess the potential of a genealogical project linking the contemporary epistemic and political crisis of democracy to past modes of inquiry and activism.

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  • Leuven

    Call for papers - History

    De-centering the history of international and transnational organisations: archives, methods, and new perspectives

    This workshop seeks to explore how different methodological approaches to international and transnational organisations can bring new histories into view. Rather than approaching international and transnational organisations from a strictly institutional point of view, we, instead, wonder how these organisations and their archives can become the basis for telling other, local, regional or international, stories that shift the focus to the broader context in which these organisations operated. By going beyond the institutional histories the workshop probes to re-evaluate the historiographical position of these organisations, while maintaining a clear view of the historian’s placement, challenges and limits.

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  • Call for papers - History

    The Afterlives of Revolutions

    A Special Issue of “Práticas da História”

    Political and social revolutions are events frequently studied by the discipline of History. However, contributions by historians to the study of the posthumous lives of these events are rarer. This call aims to elicit proposals for articles and essays that focus on the memorialistic trajectories of revolutions. Case studies, historical comparisons, or theory-based approaches may be proposed. The journal Práticas da História also encourages the submission of proposals for articles and essays that focus on how political discourse, commemorative politics, and historical staging have dealt and are dealing with past revolutions, as well as the discussion of issues such as the mobilization of examples, icons, or concepts of past revolutions by revolutionary action. The problem of the inscription (or not) of revolutions in the organics of the regimes that succeed them or, finally, the identification of the beginning/end of a revolution, may also be addressed.

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Territories, communities and sustainability: views from Southern Europe

    The theme “Territories, communities and sustainability : views from Southern Europe” is a challenging approach to study the links between different areas of knowledge, inviting interdisciplinary outlooks to sociologists and other social scientists interested in environment, development and educational issues. This can be a particularly relevant reflection in the post-pandemic phase of current times, highlighting regional and local features of a global experience. It allows comparing Southern European societies, between themselves but also with other European (and non-European) societies, and therefore, providing insights to better understand each geographic and cultural area.

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  • Rennes

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    Reimagining Annotation for Multimodal Cultural Heritage

    Reimagining Annotation for Multimodal Cultural Heritage is an international conference that will be held in Rennes, France from 7th-9th February 2024. The conference looks to explore questions around digital annotation in the humanities and the GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) across three primary axes: tools, methods and projects. We seek to discover the extent of digital tools for the navigation of multimodal document networks, the creation of data-driven interfaces and the implementation of close and / or distant reading techniques; the epistemological questions that these tools allow to emerge and how research in the humanities is changing; and projects that make use of these tools.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Sociology

    Governing through counter-terrorism in the Arab World

    Production, circulation and (mis)uses of counter-terrorism policies from the Maghreb to the Gulf

    Since September 11, 2001, the fight against terrorism has been at the heart of global governance. The ambition of this conference is to bring historical and sociological dimensions back into the debate on counter-terrorism by critically assessing the circulation and reappropriation of counter-terrorism measures, discourses and practices. Panels will focus on the different narratives produced by governments, the media and experts, and their practices. The conference will facilitate the emergence of comparative perspectives by looking at similar practices in Western contexts and also in China.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - History

    The Armenian Genocide: New Interpretations and Cross-Disciplinary Conversations

    The study of the Armenian genocide often remains confined to restricted circles of specialists and interdisciplinarity is too rarely promoted. And, although comparative research is praised, it is frequently reduced to the juxtaposition of case studies. Research on the Armenian genocide is now ready to address more cross-cutting issues and to fully contribute to broader discussions on mass violence. Therefore, this conference asks: how can the social sciences, memory studies, and genocide studies contribute to a broader understanding of the Armenian genocide and its aftermath? And reciprocally: what is the contribution of research on the Armenian genocide to our understanding of mass crimes and to the social sciences?

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  • Liège

    Study days - Ethnology, anthropology

    Giving research feedback to children: beyond ready-made recipes and asymmetric relationships

    Bringing together social scientists who do fieldwork with children or young people and wish to renew the methodology and the sense of their feedback of research results, we aim at working in a collaborative and innovative way by cross-cutting fields and disciplines. Methodological publications usually include ready-made tools. While they make it possible to avoid the worst, they often do not consider the overall social and cultural context in which children live; they may also be adults-centered and based on stereotypical representations of childhood. During a day and a half, participants will exchange in order to help each other to elaborate a visual or performance-based feedback of their research grounded in the daily life of children and youth, their communication codes and potential expectations.

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  • Call for papers - Political studies

    Global Series: TV and the Political Imagination

    This collective volume seeks to explore the vast potential of TV series and their role in shaping our moral and political perspectives on the world. Global Series: TV and the Political Imagination is part of the ERC Demoseries project, hosted by Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and responds to Sandra Laugier’s call for taking TV series seriously as “a new form of education…[that is] both political and moral” (Laugier 2022). TV series have the capacity to reflect complex social and political realities and can serve as shared representations of moral reasoning and values, prompting viewers to engage in ethical reflection and philosophical inquiry. By examining a diverse range of TV series from across the globe, the volume aims to highlight their power to act as common reference points in shaping public discourse and conversation.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Communist Perspectives on Atheism in the 20th Century

    In recent years, scholars in historical and secular studies have become increasingly interested in communist attitudes towards religion, communist regimes’ efforts to uproot religion, and interactions between Marxists and Christians. Sponsored by the Explaining Atheism programme, this conference will explore transnational communist perspectives on atheism in the twentieth century and Marxist-inspired attempts to explain and influence the evolution of atheism. Building on work on “scientific atheism”, “atheist establishments” and “thought collectives”, the conference explores differences and commonalities within the Soviet bloc – within which scholarly debates on atheism took place in what might be called a limited international scientific community.

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  • Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    Sustaining Ukrainian Scholarship

    Fellowship and Support Programme

    The Centre for Advanced Study (CAS Sofia) and New Europe College (NEC Bucharest) announce a Call for Applications for their joint programme to support scholars from the regions affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine. The programme is aimed at qualified researchers (post-doctoral level) in the humanities and the social sciences, including law and economics, who intend to pursue a project of their own choosing.

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  • Vác

    Call for papers - Religion

    Fifth Interdisciplinary Student Conference for Religious Studies

    The aim of the conference is to provide an academic forum for students and young researchers working in religious studies and its auxiliary sciences, where they can present and discuss their current research topics and their initial results on a yearly basis, but in a different location every year.

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  • Munich

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    Universalism and Particularism in European Contemporary History - Junior Fellowships

    The Center for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe, KFG) “Universalism and Particularism in European Contemporary History” at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) is seeking to appoint 3 Junior Fellowships with a research topic focusing on economy or human rights or religion/secularity in contemporary European history. Applications with other research topics, connected to the overall agenda of the KFG, are welcome.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Social polarisation across the world

    This first issue of Inequalities is dedicated to the fundamental and primary form of inequality, class inequality, with a focus on the sharpening of social polarisation within the various countries of the world. We accept contributions with a theoretical, analytical, and empirical slant that focus on the causes, forms, and consequences of social polarisation, on the specific aspects and internal dynamics of its intensification, and on the conflicts and social struggles that arise from it.

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  • Naples

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Natural Rights and Politics in the Early Modern Period

    Despite the ubiquity of the idea of human rights in our political culture, and its strong presence in the work of political scientists, jurists and contemporary historians, scholarly interest in natural rights — the tradition from which human rights are drawn — remains sporadic and fragmentary. This interdisciplinary workshop aims to deepen and broaden our understanding of the political uses and development of natural rights in the Early Modern Period, in Europe, the Atlantic world and beyond. By interrogating the relationship between natural rights and politics, this will be an occasion not only to analyze natural rights as a theoretical concept, but also and above all to study the different uses of concepts drawn from natural rights in precise political contexts, the political projects they served, their relationship with republicanism, and the emergence and evolution of particular rights.

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  • Saint-Martin-d'Hères

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - America

    International Excellence in the Humanities Programme - Post-doctoral fellowships 2023-2024

    Université Grenoble Alpes

    The Maison de la création et de l’innovation (MaCI), UGA’s Center for the Humanities, is launching its annual Post-doctoral Fellowship Programme funded by the France 2030 ANR project GATES (Grenoble ATtractiveness and ExcellenceS). The postdoctoral fellows will be hired on a fixed-term two-year contract. They will receive a gross salary of 2981 euros per month.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Language

    Hardy and Heritage

    The conference aims to examine notions of heritage and legacy in Thomas Hardy’s writings, career and influence. Part of the conference will focus in particular on the links between Hardy and D.H. Lawrence.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    In Passage, The International Journal of Writing and Mobility - Varia

    In Passage : The International Journal of Writing and Mobility, the journal of the Department of English of the University of Boumerdes (Algeria), seeks essays in English or French for its sixth issue, to be released in December 2023.  All the contributions should either be written in English or discuss questions that relate to the English-speaking world.

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